Meet the Team

Kathie Pisano is our Facilities Secretary. Growing up in the Santa Clarita Valley, graduating from Canyon High, Kathie continued her college education earning a Bachelor's Degree from Cal State Northridge. Her first opportunity working in the private sector was as a trust officer in charge of mutual fund investments. Starting a new family, Kathie joined the part time work force as a stay at home mom working in marketing and administrative work in the field of private education. With a passion for public education, Kathie joined the Saugus Union School District working at Santa Clarita Elementary School providing administrative work and building relationships with all stakeholders. With a family of four, Kathie maintains an active lifestyle serving the community and the local church alongside her husband.

From the Facilities Director: Kathie is well known as a fast learning individual who strives to provide the best service with very minimal oversight. All in all, with the ability to learn, adapting to new environments, Kathie has been a great asset to our team.

Dayna Jones is our Facilities Accountant. Growing up in the San Fernando Valley, Dayna earned her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Cal State Northridge. For 17 years, Dayna worked as a Loan Officer, Operations Manager and Branch Manager in the banking industry. As a resident of the Santa Clarita Valley, Dayna joined the Saugus Union School District in 2000 working in the Business Department holding various positions in Fiscal Services. Dayna was responsible for closing out Measure E as well as balancing/tracking various accounts including CFD's and other facilities funding sources. Dayna played a great role in preparing for the OPSC Audit for our new West Creek Academy and many other facilities projects. Dayna's talents are well diverse. She is experienced in preparing for the state eligibility funds and the DSA close out/certification process.

From the Facilities Director: Dayna's experience is vast and her close attention to our accounting detail is second to none. She is well known to balance the budget to the penny and hold our feet to the fire. For that, she has been a great asset to our team.

Lori Rubenstein is our Director of Project Management. Growing up in the San Fernando Valley, Lori earned her Bachelor's Degree in Architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture. She went on to further schooling to earn a Master's Degree in Business Administration. Lori solidified her career in architecture with a certification as an Interior Designer. Lori has over a decade of experience working in various capacities in many school districts, including Fontana USD, Hacienda La Puenta USD, Lake Elsinore USD, Los Angeles USD, Sacramento City USD, Upland USD, Val Verde USD and West Covina USD. Lori is very well diverse and knowledgeable of all phases of project management from planning, design through construction and closeout. Lori has a great interpersonal relationship with government agencies having jurisdiction over school construction. Having worked up in Sacramento City, Lori had close interaction with the Office of Public School Construction, the Division of State Architect, and the California Department of Education staff. She has also spent some time as an Interior Design instructor at various colleges and California State University.

From the Facilities Director: Lori is a no nonsense director. She's well known as a "just get it done" individual. Her passion and desire to provide the best product possible is incomparable. For that, she is a great asset to our team.

Magdy Abdalla is our Director of Facilities, New Construction and Modernization. Magdy earned his Bachelor's Degree in Structure Engineering and a Master's Degree in Engineering Science. He carries over 30 years of experience working in the construction industry. Magdy learned how to remain profitable in business by providing an encouraging working environment. As a business owner he learned that the key to a successful business is promoting ownership mindset, awarding hard work and demonstrating that failure is not an option. Magdy started working in the K-12 arena at Long Beach Unified School District where he learned to keep most of the dollars in the classroom. Faced with over a $60 Million program deficit as a regional director, Magdy has turned the lowest performing program at the Los Angeles Unified School District to a lead position raising the bar, increasing work in progress, and cutting overhead in managing the bond program overseeing 142 schools and over 80,000 students, earning the reputation, "if there is a will, there is a Magdy". Over the years Magdy has established a great relationship working with DSA and CDE leadership. Magdy is an active member of the CASH organization presenting at the CASH Conference. Magdy's vast experience and knowledge make him a great leader as he oversees all phases of the projects run by the facilities department. In his spare time, Magdy enjoys time with his wife, kids and his precious grandbaby, in addition to refereeing soccer matches.

From the Facilities Director: I am just humbled and honored to have such a great team.

From the Facilities Team: Magdy is passionate about doing a job well done and takes great pride in his work. At any given time you might find Magdy pulling wire, carrying boxes or on a roof with contractors. He's hard working and willing to jump in and get his hands dirty. He takes pride in us as a team and is constantly offering encouragement and appreciation. We are thankful for Magdy as the leader of our team.